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judge dreed Finden Sie Judge Dredd in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray- Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Mai Judge Dredd ist ein Phänomen – aber nur in Großbritannien. Die Erfolgsgeschichte des brutalen, gesichtslosen Cops begann in der. Judge Dredd ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr , der auf der Comicserie „ A.D.“ basiert. Hauptdarsteller sind Sylvester.

Fast forward to present day, a world in which comic book characters mean big money for film studios, surely enough time has passed to give the old Judge another crack of the whip right?

Visually arresting and with a sensible running time, Dredd rocks. Plus, we hear why more than one celeb wants to be snowed in with Idris Elba. See our favorite Sundance moments.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. In a violent, futuristic city where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, a cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO.

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Learn more More Like This. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Judge Dredd Rachel Wood Control Operator 1 Andile Mngadi Chief Judge Lena Headey Ma-Ma Bodyguard Warrick Grier Woman with Child Yohan Chun Girl in Window Eden Knowles Edit Storyline The future America is an irradiated waste land.

Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Not only do they share strikingly similar characteristics both being inhalants, and powerful, highly addictive narcotic stimulants , but the small inhaler device of both drugs are virtually identical.

The most recent incarnation, Fallout 4 , even included the same slowed-down time effect, possibly as a nod to this film. Goofs When Ma-Ma asks Dredd if he "like[s] the jewelery" and reveals the transmitter on her left wrist, the shot cuts to Dredd, who turns slightly to look at it.

However, he turns to his own left, as if Ma-Ma had the transmitter on her right wrist. Quotes [ first lines ] Judge Dredd: America is an irradiated wasteland.

Around this time Ezquerra quit and returned to work for Battle. There are conflicting sources about why. Ezquerra says it was because he was angry that another artist had drawn the first published Judge Dredd strip.

Wagner soon returned to the character, starting in prog 9. His storyline, " The Robot Wars ", was drawn by a rotating team of artists including Ezquerra , and marked the point where Dredd became the most popular character in the comic, a position he has rarely relinquished.

Their stories were less popular with fans, and sales fell. Judge Dredd has also been published in a long-running comic strip — in the Daily Star , [21] and briefly in Metro from January to April In Dredd was one of ten British comic characters commemorated in a series of stamps issued by the Royal Mail.

Joseph Dredd is the most famous of the Street Judges that patrol Mega-City One , empowered to instantly convict, sentence, and sometimes execute offenders.

Dredd is armed with a " Lawgiver ", a pistol programmed to recognise only his palm-print, and capable of firing six types of ammunition , a daystick , a boot knife and stun or gas grenades.

His helmet obscures his face, except for his mouth and jaw. He rides a large " Lawmaster " motorcycle equipped with machine-guns, a powerful laser cannon, and full artificial intelligence capable of responding to orders from the Judge and operating itself.

This began as an unofficial guideline, but soon became a rule. The strip was not yet printed in colour, and this went unnoticed. The idea was dropped.

Time passes in the Judge Dredd strip in real time, so as a year passes in life, a year passes in the comic. The first Dredd story, published in , was set in , whilst stories published in are set in Consequently, as former editor Alan McKenzie explains, "every year that goes by Dredd gets a year older — unlike Spider-Man , who has been a university student for the past twenty-five years!

Regarding the possible death of the character, in an interview with Empire in Wagner said: Twenty years later, when Rico sought revenge after serving a 20 year sentence, Joe was forced to shoot him in self-defence.

Joe Dredd excelled as a Judge, rapidly gaining promotion to the rank of senior judge. Offered the opportunity to become Chief Judge in , Dredd declined, preferring to serve on the streets enforcing the law.

Although Dredd holds his duty above every other priority, this devotion is not blind. On two occasions in " The Robot Wars " and " Tale of the Dead Man " , Dredd resigned from the force on points of principle, but both times he returned.

In , Dredd was diagnosed with cancer of the duodenum , though it was benign. Street Judges act as police, judge, jury, and executioner.

Capital punishment in Mega-City One is rarely used, [60] though deaths while resisting arrest are commonplace. Numerous writers have used the Judge System to satirize contemporary politics.

Judges, once appointed, can be broadly characterised as "Street Judges" who patrol the city , and administrative, or office-based Judges.

Dredd was once offered the job of Chief Judge ; but refused it. As such this political model has become the most common form of government on Earth, with only a few small areas practicing civilian rule.

There is an international "Judicial Charter" which countries and city states join upon instituting a Judge System.

Within Mega-City One, extensive automation including intelligent robots has rendered the majority of the population unemployed. Eastwood would later play the lead in Dirty Harry — one of the thematic influences by which Judge Dredd was inspired.

A number of stories feature rivalries between different blocks, [69] on many occasions breaking into full-scale gun battles between them [70] such as in the story " Block Mania ".

Mega-City One extends from Boston to Charlotte ; but extended into Florida before the Apocalypse War laid waste to the southern sectors.

Following Chaos Day in , the city was reduced to 50 million. However immigration quickly increased the population to 72 million by Far north is Uranium City.

Canada, now called Canadia, remains a nation with scattered communities. Nuclear desert also stretches across western Europe. Mongolia, lacking a Mega-City or Judge system, has called itself the Mongolian Free State and criminals have flocked there for a safe haven; East-Meg Two performed vicious clearances there in Large fertile farmlands still exists and feed many cities worldwide, as do jungles and a variety of wild life.

Surrounding Sino-City 2 is the Radlands of Ji, a nuclear desert containing outlaw gangs and martial arts schools. The Middle East is without many major cities, being either nuclear or natural deserts, and only the mega-city of Luxor , Egypt has survived; the Mediterranean coast is heavily damaged by mutagens.

Nuclear fallout and pollution appear to have missed Antarctica and the Arctic , allowing one mega-city Antarctic City to be constructed there.

The high levels of pollution have created instances of mutation in humans and animals. The mega-cities largely operate on a system of genetic apartheid, making expulsion from the cities the worst punishment possible.

Some are loyal to various mega cities, while many are independent states, and others still face violent insurgencies to gain independence.

The multi-national Space Corps battles both insurgencies and external alien threats. The paranormal is both common and often openly visible and so is accepted by both civilians and Judges.

Ghosts, demons, ancient gods and two different creatures both claiming to be Satan have appeared in Mega-City One. Magic is real and has been practiced by some criminals.

Psi Divisions worldwide tend to be the main defence against such threats. Almost all [note 4] of the stories from both comics are currently being reprinted in their original order of publication in a series of trade paperbacks.

Stories from the regular issues of AD and the Megazine are collected in a series entitled Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files. This series began in This four-volume series began in and concluded in There have been a number of Judge Dredd storylines that have either significantly developed the Dredd character or the fictional world, or which depict a story on a grand scale.

These are listed below. For a complete list of all stories see here. Shortly before the release of the movie , three new comic book titles were released, followed by a one-off comic version of the film story.

DC Comics published an alternative version of Judge Dredd between and , lasting 18 issues. Continuity and history were different from both the original AD version and the film.

A major difference was that Chief Judge Fargo , portrayed as incorruptible in the original version, was depicted as evil in the DC version.

Another DC Comics title, lasting 13 issues between and Although these were intended to feature the same version of Judge Dredd as in the other DC title, the first four issues were written by John Wagner and Alan Grant and were consistent with their original AD version.

From the same publishers as AD , this was nevertheless a completely different version of Dredd aimed at younger readers.

Editor David Bishop prohibited writers from showing Dredd killing anyone, a reluctance which would be completely unfamiliar to readers acquainted with the original version.

From the same publishers as AD , this was a series of ultra-violent one-off stories from "a separate and aggressive Dredd world". These were reprinted, together with eleven new stories some by other creators , in the Judge Dredd Megazine.

The original eight stories were collected in a trade paperback by Hamlyn in In the week that the film Dredd was released in the UK, a ten-page prologue was published in issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine , written by its editor, Matt Smith , and illustrated by Henry Flint.

There were also two Judge Anderson stories featuring the film version of that character in — An American film loosely based on the comic strip was released in , starring Sylvester Stallone as Dredd [] it was said that Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally requested for the role, [] but declined because in the original script, Dredd would keep the helmet on during major parts of the film.

The film received negative reviews upon its release. In the comic, he very rarely removes his helmet, and even then his real face is never revealed. Also the writers largely omitted the ironic humour of the comic strip, and ignored important aspects of the "Dredd mythology".

For example, in the film a "love interest" is developed between Dredd and Judge Hershey , something that is strictly forbidden between Judges or Judges and anyone else for that matter in the comic strip.

In the United States, the film won several "worst film of the year" awards. The co-creator and main writer of the comic character, John Wagner , said:.

I hated that plot. Reliance Entertainment produced Dredd , which was released in September It was directed by Pete Travis and written by Alex Garland.

Murphey was co-producer with Travis. The main Judge Dredd writer John Wagner said:. The film was shot in 3-D and filmed in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Funding was secured from Reliance Big Entertainment. The show is planned to be an ensemble drama about a team of Judges as they deal with the challenges of the future-shocked 22nd century.

There have been multiple Judge Dredd games released for various video game consoles and several home computers such as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum , Sony Playstation and Commodore At one time, an arcade game was being developed by Midway Games series but it was never released.

It can however be found online and has three playable levels. The game sees the return of the Dark Judges when Mega-City One becomes overrun with vampires and the undead.

The player takes control of Judge Dredd, with the optional addition of another Human player in co-operative play.

The player can also go up against three friends in the various multiplayer modes which include " Deathmatch ", " Team Deathmatch ", "Elimination", "Team Elimination", "Informant", "Judges Vs.

Perps", "Runner" and more. In , Rebellion released Judge Dredd Vs. Games Workshop released a Judge Dredd role-playing game in Their licence ended in Countdown Sector , available for the iOS operating system.

Er besteht jedoch darauf, seinen Dienst als Street Judge wieder aufzunehmen. Auch die Darstellung Judge Dredd s sei näher am Original; zusammen mit den stets beeindruckenden Designs sei der Film gelungen und biete sowohl etwas für Fans des Comics wie auch Neueinsteiger. Sie konnten aber bisher von Dredd und Anderson immer an der Verwirklichung dieses Planes gehindert werden. Dredd und Anderson kämpfen sich dann durch das Hochhaus zum Medicenter des Hauses, dort wird ihnen jedoch jegliche Hilfe verweigert. Obwohl sie an der Judge-Akademie die erforderliche Abschlussnote knapp verfehlt hat, will die Behördenleitung ihre Eignung noch einmal im praktischen Einsatz testen, da sie als Mutant über besondere telepathische Fähigkeiten verfügt. John Layman ist ein alter Hase im Comicgeschäft: Erfahre mehr darüber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. Unseen Westeros — Exhibition Ma-Ma befiehlt ihrem Computerexperten, das Stockwerk abzuriegeln, in dem sich die Judges befinden, und lässt es mit Maschinenkanonen unter Beschuss nehmen, wobei es zu zahlreichen Opfern unter den Bewohnern des Hochhauses kommt. Dredd kann sie nach anstrengendem Kampf und mit Hilfe des plötzlich auftauchenden Fargo besiegen. Juli auf der San Diego Comic Con.

Judge dreed - pity

Dennoch ist sie genauso schockiert wie Dredd selbst, als dieser eines Tages des Mordes an dem bekannten Reporter Vardas Hammond und dessen Frau beschuldigt wird. Der Atlantik ist stark verschmutzt und wird auch Black Atlantic genannt. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Das Schwarze und das Kaspische Meer sind direkt verbunden. Zur weiteren Ausrüstung gehören Kampfmesser, Schlagstock und eine Uniform mit Helm, der die obere Gesichtshälfte verdeckt. Die Männer, die bei der Aktion nicht ums Leben gekommen sind, werden von den Judges festgenommen. Als die beiden weiblichen Judges aufeinander treffen, erkennt Anderson mittels ihrer telepathischen Fähigkeiten die wahren Absichten Kaplans und tötet diese. Dredd müsste zum gegenwärtigen Handlungszeitpunkt über 60 Jahre alt sein, doch bedient man sich verschiedener Methoden, was ist eine sofortüberweisung online ihn vital und im Amt zu behalten. Bleibt auf dem Laufenden. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Authors Genres Full tilt poker app Buch Reviews: In a dystopian future, Joseph Dredd, the most famous Judge a police officer with instant field judiciary powersis convicted for a crime he did not commit and must face his murderous counterpart. Retrieved 7 May casino royale 60s In tv casino online, casino royale 60s expansion was released called "Block War! Stars Pick Their Superhero Roles. Judge Dredd is severely underrated on IMDb. Twenty years later, when Rico sought revenge after serving a 20 year sentence, Joe was forced to shoot him in self-defence. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Dredd was once offered the job of Chief Judge ; but refused it. Following Chaos Day inthe city was reduced to 50 million. Despite its lack of innuendo in the lyrics, the track was still banned from radio airplay, and failed to chart. Mean Machine james wade sammi marsh Chris Adamson. Miniatures continue to be manufactured at a slow pace. Retrieved 21 April Although these were intended to feature the same version of Judge Dredd as in the other DC title, the first four issues were written by John Wagner and Alan Grant ribery passlack were consistent with their original AD version. It has been suggested that this article be split into multiple articles. Karl Urban super hot free, der die Titelrolle übernahm, bestätigte in einem Interview, dass er im Film seinen Helm nicht abnehmen werde, da es die Comicfigur auch nicht tut. Da er das von Dredd angebotene Angebot — lebenslange Isolationshaft liveticker schweiz ausschlägt, wird er von Dredd zum Tode verurteilt und exekutiert. Das Gesetz wird von den Judges, einer elitären Polizeiregierung, aufrechterhalten. Chontaraz — Speed The Bullet. Das casino online estoril sol ist an die damals sehr erfolgreiche Probotector -Reihe engl. Judge Dredd Olivia Thirlby: So kommt es vor, dass er das Auto eines Verkehrssünders kurzerhand mit einer Granate paysafecard per sms die Luft jagt. Noch düsseldorf rams im Osten befindet sich East-Meg Two. Western trifft Fantasy trifft Girl Power! Old Man Hawkeye 1 von 2: In dieser Rolle soll Judge Dredd hier auch besonders gefordert sein, denn in dessen Welt verlagert sich der Konflikt der beiden Monstrositäten in diesem in sich abgeschlossenen Crossover der drei beliebten Science-Fiction-Franchises. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Es bedarf nicht viel Fantasie, um sich vorzustellen, dass der exzentrische Wissenschaftler auch das Genmaterial der Aliens nutzen heidi spiele, um fiese Hybriden zu erschaffen.

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